Audio Designer At Zynga

             Hiring Audio designer at Zynga

Audio Designer At Zynga
Audio Designer At Zynga | Zynga is hiring audio designer at Bangalore office for a full-time job

Position: Audio Designer

Location: Bangalore

Type: Full Time

Job Description:

  • To compose the music and perform audio design, edit and give the review
  • Work for casual games and for mobile and web games
  • Build audio and soundtrack specification for Zynga
  • Implement the audio and release the rapid cadence environment

Skills And Requirements:

  • Experienced in composing gaming music, utilize the latest digital audio, software instrument libraries(logic, east-west, protocols, libraries, Kontakt)
  • Experienced in principals of sound design and sound effect creation using sound libraries
  • gaming developement environments- unity, wwise, fmod audio integration, software integration
  • Database inexperienced repository/organization/communication/tracking tools- excel and google docs
  • Able to work with audio signal processing and 3D localization concepts, reverb, EQ, compression,
  • Work in the studio has p&L complete the ownership

About  Company (Zynga):

  • Zynga is the international social game development company,
  • build the web and mobile (Games) run the social video game
  • Zynga has traded on NASDAQ (USA)


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