Business Analyst – Growisto

                Business Analyst – Growisto

Business Analyst - Growisto

Role: Business Analyst

Experience:3 to 5 years

Location: Navi Mumbai, India

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description: 

  • At Growisto you will be working as a business analyst. 
  • You will be are working with clients. understanding the requirements of clients. 
  • Solve the queries. 
  • At growisto improve the process and methods. 
  • At growisto, you will be working for projects like business intelligence projects various types of projects. 


  • Strong in communication with clients.
  • Good in relationship building with clients. strong in decision-making handling on projects. 
  • Able to deal with lots of moving pieces.
  • Comfortable with learning new things like technology, and systems. 
  • Comfortable working with a team and team members. 
  • Able to support the customers whenever it needs.
  • High sense of ownership with delivering projects high business impact. 
  • Strong in problem-solving. bring new ideas and them.


  • Good experience in the product life cycle. 
  • Implementation of the product.
  • Have good experience in software company or startup.
  • Strong in sense and institution in what user want.

About Growisto: 

  • Growisto is digital marketing and eCommerce company. 
  • Expert in SEO, and social media campaigns and remarketing and analytics 

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