Senior Developer At  PUBG


Position: Senior Developer

Location: Amsterdam, Netherland

Experience: 5+ Years

Job Description:

  • In PUBG, Developers are (senior) act as a bridge between project goals and technical solution.
  • PUBG, pubg mobile, developement collaboration are other developers and with new game design, system, and framework and tools.


  • Design, research, implement, debugging, in PUBG game games (pubg pc, Pubg mobile)
  • recognize the third party technologies
  • In PUBG task management more important. estimate the task nad planning, priority of the task, recognization of issues.
  • giving technical feedback to another developer.


  • In Pubg experience in software developement with strong technical knowledge and grounding.
  • Take a variety of challenge and to complete them.
  • able to switch focus between the task and capacity of good communication and discuss complex issues.
  • gaming industry experience is required 
  • strong in C and C++, C# 
  • In Pubg corporation refactoring and optimization required
  • excellent in research and prototyping technologies.
  • In Pubg have good communication skill.
  • bachelor degree
  • In Pubg have experience in developing modern game engine’s
  • large scale/ open world/ sandbox games
  • role in a pubg senior role
  • good in documentation and communication
  • In pubg Atlassian software developement and collaboration tools
  • fluent in korean and dutch language

About PUBG Corporation :

  • PUBG corporation is pubg is an online battle royale game you can play with squads 
  • PUBG is developed by the pubg corporation and bluehole company.
  • PUBG is released in march 2017 on windows, later launched on Xbox and other devices 
  • PUBG is more popular in 2019 due to environment and graphics 
  • PUBG is running on Android platforms pubg mobile
  • Pubg mobile is popular in India

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