Embedded System Design Engineer Tronicszone

            Embedded System Design Designer Tronicszone

Embedded System Design EngineerTronicszone

Company Name: Tronicszone

Role: Embedded System Engineer

Location: Bangalore, India

Experience: Entry-Level or intern

Official Website:  www.tronicszone.com

Job Type: Full Time

Qualification: B.E/B.Tech/ M.Sc

Department: Electronics and Communication / Electronics/ Electrical

Tronicszone is an electronics company, tronicszone provides the Top electronic design, PCB design, Electronics prototype, and manufacturing service.
Tronicszone is one of the embedded system companies in Bangalore.

Job Description: 

Tronicszone You will work As a  Hindi Chopra embedded system design engineer at entry-level.


  • At tronicszone you should have a good programming language like C programming language.you should know about testing and debugging.
  • Have good experience in embedded system designs and programming. or you must have completed temperature systems programming 6 months certified course.
  • Candidate must completed at least one embedded system project 8 bit, 16 bit, 32-bit microcontroller
  • Good knowledge of hardware designing.
  • Tronicszone big and small projects within the deadlines.
  • Candidate must be able to work independently or in a group

The Embedded System Design Engineer Tronicszone

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