Python Interview Questions for Freshers 2022

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Python Interview Questions for Freshers 2022 | Python is a high-level, interpreted, general-purpose programming language. Being a general-purpose language,

Python Interview Questions for Freshers 2022

What is Python?

  • Python is a high-level, interpreted, general-purpose programming language.
  • Being a general-purpose language, it can be used to build almost any type of application with the right tools/libraries.
  • The Python programming language also supports a wide range of objects, modules, threads, exception handlers, and automatic memory management which facilitates modeling real-world problems and developing applications to solve them.

What are the benefits of using Python?

  • The Python programming language emphasizes readability and simplicity, which reduces maintenance costs and the complexity of program code.
  • Also, the language can be scripted, is completely open-source, and can be bundled with third-party packages to enhance modularity and code reuse.
  • Rapid Application Development and deployment rely on its high-level data structures, coupled with dynamic typing and dynamic binding.

What is a dynamically typed language?

  • The first thing we should know about dynamically typed languages is what typing is. Type checking in programming languages is called typing.
  • “1” + 2 will result in an error in a strongly typed language like Python because these languages do not support “type-coercion” (implicit conversion of data types).
  • On the other hand, a weakly-typed language, such as Javascript, will simply output “12” as result.

Type-checking can be done at two stages

  • Static – Data types are checked before executing.
  • Dynamic – Data types are checked while executing.
  • In Python, each statement is executed line by line, so type-checking is carried out on the fly, during execution.
  • It is therefore a dynamically typed language.

What is an Interpreted language?

  • Interpreted languages execute their statements line by line.
  • Python, Javascript, R, PHP, and Ruby are prime examples of interpretive languages.
  • Unlike compiled programs, interpreted programs run directly from the source code without a compilation step.

What is PEP 8 and why is it important?

  • A Python enhancement proposal.
  • PEPs are official Python design documents that provide information to the Python community or describe new features for Python or its processes.
  • Since it documents Python Code style guidelines, PEP 8 is particularly valuable.
  • Apparently contributing to the Python open-source community requires you to follow these style guidelines sincerely and strictly.

What is Scope in Python?

  • Every object in Python functions within a scope. A scope is a block of code where an object in Python remains relevant. Namespaces uniquely identify all the objects inside a program. However, these namespaces also have a scope defined for them where you could use their objects without any prefix. A few examples of scope created during code execution in Python are as follows:
  • A local scope refers to the local objects available in the current function.
  • A global scope refers to the objects available throughout the code execution since their inception.
  • A module-level scope refers to the global objects of the current module accessible in the program.
  • An outermost scope refers to all the built-in names callable in the program. The objects in this scope are searched last to find the name referenced.
  • Note: Local scope objects can be synced with global scope objects using keywords such as global.

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