TCS Women Employees Mass Resign as TCS forces them to work from office

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TCS Women Employees Mass Resign: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the largest software exporter in India, experienced a significant increase in attrition during the first half of the financial year 2023. What was particularly notable was that the attrition rate among women, which had historically been similar to or lower than that of men, was higher this time.

TCS Women Employees Mass Resign

Milind Lakkad, the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of TCS, provided an explanation for this trend in the company’s annual report.

Lakkad suggested that the shift to remote work during the pandemic may have reset domestic arrangements for some women, leading them to hesitate in returning to the office even after the situation normalized.

This change in domestic dynamics could have contributed to the higher attrition rate among women. Lakkad acknowledged that this increase in attrition among women was a setback to TCS’s efforts to promote gender diversity but assured that the company was doubling down on its commitment to addressing this issue.

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The annual report also highlighted TCS’s initiatives to support women’s advancement within the company. Lakkad mentioned the success of leadership development programs like iExcel, which have been instrumental in driving positive change.

He noted that women accounted for 23% of selected candidates for leadership positions filled with internal applicants, despite making up only 14% of the applicant pool.

This demonstrated the quality of women candidates in TCS’s leadership pipeline and the supportive attitudes of the company’s business leaders towards promoting diversity.

In terms of external hiring, women comprised 38.1% of TCS’s net hires in FY2023, compared to their representation of 35.7% in the overall workforce.

According to TCS’s integrated annual report for 2022-2023, the company currently employs over 220,000 women, constituting 35.7% of its workforce. The report also highlighted a 60% increase in the number of senior women executives over the past five years.

The attrition rate among women at TCS being higher than that of men is a significant concern, and Milind Lakkad’s explanation provides some insight into the possible reasons behind it.

TCS recognizes the importance of returning to the office for fostering collaboration and cultural understanding, particularly for newcomers and junior management. However, it is crucial to address the challenges faced by women, such as domestic responsibilities and caregiving duties, to ensure gender diversity and retention in the workforce.

TCS’s approach involves a combination of internal and external initiatives. The company aims to continue nurturing its pipeline of women leaders through focused development programs and leveraging the quality of women candidates in the applicant pool.

Additionally, TCS emphasizes the importance of working from the office to facilitate collaboration, mentorship, and team-building, which have been negatively impacted during the pandemic.

The challenge of retaining women employees during the pandemic is not unique to TCS but is prevalent across various sectors. Lack of childcare and caregiving responsibilities has disproportionately affected women’s ability to remain in the workforce.

However, TCS remains committed to promoting diversity and is actively working to address the higher attrition rate among women.

In conclusion, TCS’s annual report for 2022-2023 highlights the company’s concern over the higher attrition rate among women compared to men. Milind Lakkad, the CHRO, attributes this trend to the impact of remote work on domestic arrangements.

TCS recognizes the importance of returning to the office for collaboration and cultural integration and is implementing various initiatives to support women’s advancement and promote gender diversity within the organization.

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