Some IT Giants May Allow Some Staff To Continue  WFH Forever

Some IT Giants May Allow Some Staff To Continue  WFH Forever

TCS Work  From Home

Narayan Murthy, founder of Infosys, recently mentioned that he was not a fan of working from home since it "lowers productivity". Murthy is of the view that work from office was needed as there has to be a demarcation between office and work.

With the world  resuming normalcy  once again, Infosys cofounder is  of the view that employees must  start coming  back to office  as well.

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“When people work from home, that institutional culture will slowly become weaker and weaker,” said Murthy at a Deccan Herald event last month. There have been a number of heated debates about whether or not employees should be called to office in light of these comments.

Hybrid work model

Reacting to a  question on its  work from home  status, the IT giant  stated, “We will be bringing  our employees back to offices in the coming months. In preparation for our associates'  return to their  respective offices,  we are already in the process of facilitating their return.

What is TCS’ 25×25 Model?

As part of the 25/25 model, employees gradually transition into hybrid work models and return to the office. By 2025, no more than 25 percent of the company's employees will have to work from the office at any one time, and an employee will only have to spend 25 percent of their time working in the office.

Occasional Operating Zones (OOZ):

Also, the company has introduced occasional operating zones (OOZ) and hot desks. “These OOZs allow our associates to plug  in their system in any office around the  country and get connected to the global  workforce immediately.

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